The Star Trek Bat’leth replica sword is a pretty cool piece and memorable for any Star Trek fan. The sword is constructed out of metal, and measures about seven inches in length. However, it weighs only around two pounds, which means it can easily be transported in your backpack or even your purse. 

The bat’leth is an iconic weapon from the Star Trek universe, and has been featured in many episodes of the original series as well as the various films. It is usually used by both Klingons and Starfleet officers alike. The bat’leth itself is comprised of two sections – the “blade”, which is the actual blade used in combat, and the “hilt”, which is the handle that holds the blade in place. The hilt also serves as a sort of sheath for the blade, and contains a pouch for storing the weapon. This replica sword comes pretty close to replicating the look and feel of the real sword.

The Star Trek Bat Leth for Sale is a replica sword that includes both the blade and the hilt that is made with accuracy. However, it is only meant to be used for the display of the item. It is not meant to be used as a weapon of any kind. It may seem like a good idea to use it for self defense.

Anyone who is a big Star Trek fan of klingon batleth will enjoy the look of the bat’leth replica Sword of Kahless. The Star Trek franchise is one of the most popular television series out there, so if you’re a fan of the series, you’ll have no trouble convincing others that you’re cool because you have a Star Trek bat’leth replica sword.